More About Us

Mission: Expanding Diversity, Inclusion, & Community Connections In The Workplace

Vision:  Our Team is dedicated to produce the results our Clients & Partners need to achieve their Goals.

Our Team takes an alternative approach when defining what Diversity & Inclusion looks like in the work place.  We serve clients in Huntsville, AL; Madison, AL; and The Jefferson County, AL area.  Our Advisors build a strategic, but specific plan, that details the guidelines for our clients objectives.  We partner with companies, specialist, to offer classes, meetings, seminars, and one on ones, to maximize the development of how to effectively connect and genuinely display and utilize the benefits of Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace.

About Our Owner

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I’m Serena Graham, the Sr. Advisor & Owner of G3-Greater Guidance Group LLC.  Serving as a Leader & or Support Advisor to our Premier Clients & Partners as they take their business goals and expansion concepts to the next level, we teach, support, and certify entities deemed to offer Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace, not coincidental but through strategic concepts, and analyzing data.

As a New York City Native I have lived & Served in diverse communities and continued that same work here in North Alabama since 2006.  I am a wife & mother, when not working or enjoying family time I am sincerely passionate about community involvement and the development of Youth Entrepreneurship, and Financial Education & Growth.